DEIMIC Inteligentny dom, budynek, mieszkanie.


Are you a developer looking for intelligent solutions for your investments? Please contact Deimic.

We invite you to cooperate, we will provide you with:

A universal solution for the entire house or apartment - many integration options
Cooperation with specialists experienced in projects
Simple installation process - the first run does not generate costs for the installer
Possibility of independent change of functions by the investor - no problems with operation
Small measurments of the product
in the switchboard
Perfect design preparation
Support of specialists,
including the planner
Attractive discounts and promotions as well as individual offers

Building automation by Deimic will meet this need and will significantly increase the value and standard of your investment projects.

Working with us, you will expand your offer with a modern, safe and ecological solution that more and more customers are looking for. Thanks to the Deimic One smart home system, you will stand out from the competition and convince even the most demanding customers.

Remember that Deimic One building automation is a wired system and its installation should be planned well in advance. The right time for construction work is very important. By working with us, you will receive all the industry guidelines needed to plan this.

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