Deimic One LED Master

Deimic One LED Master

Basic and required device (interchangeable with Deimic One Master) - Deimic One Master LED module allows you to control all electrotechnical devices in the building.

Unlike the Deimic One Master module, the LED version is equipped with 16 and not 4 PWM LED outputs / channels at the cost of fewer inputs.

The product is a wired system.

Deimic One LED Master
Product specification:

- number of relay outputs: 39
- maximum switching current: 80A for 20ms
- number of outputs / LED / PWM channels: 16
- number of binary inputs: 34
- voltage at binary inputs:: 12V
- max. number of temperature measurement inputs: 10
- maximum number of counting inputs: 10
- number of USB sockets: 1
- communication bus: CANBus, Ethernet, RS485, ModBus RTU
- module power supply:12V
- assembly: DIN rail
- module width: 32cm (18 DIN modules)

All relay outputs of the module are freely configurable.
Basic parameters:

- ARM® 454MHz processor
- Memory 1024Mb DDR2 RAM
- Memory 4Gb NAND Flash SLC
- Ethernet 100Mbit
- RS485 interface
- Deimic Core
- Deimic Cloud 

Deimic modules capabilities

Lighting control
Camera control
Alarm control
Socket control
Roller blinds control
Air conditioning control
Control of gates and wickets
Multimedia control 

Recuperator control
Heating control
Photovoltaic control
Watering control
Blinds control
Curtain control
Sauna and swimming pool control 

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