Smart home only with system 
Deimic One

Find out about the costs of installing the system in your home. 
Our specialists will help you avoid unnecessary expenses and make sure that you buy exactly what you need.

Why Deimic?

Do you want to change what the button functions do, or motion sensors?

Self-configuration is one of the greatest advantages of our system. 

You can make such changes using the DeimicAPP application.

Security in the Deimic smart home

Yours and your family safety is very important to us. We have designed the smart home system and the application that manages it to protect you against various threats.
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Scenes in the Deimic smart home

A scene runs several functions at the same time by only one gesture or icon in the application. Customize the switch or app to perform the most common activities in a given situation. 
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DeimicApp - friendly application, friendly home

Let DeimicApp change your life and take on all your boring, daily chores. Make it your job to make everything in the house work the way you like.
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DeimicApp - pobierz

Simple and quick installation and excellent support at every stage

Deimic's specialist and software will provide you with full support.
 In the materials we have prepared, you will find the corresponding diagrams and instructions that will clearly explain you in which order and to which module outputs  the wires should be connected, as well as how to configure the switches and the application.

Deimic One - Plug and Play
The product is a wired system

this means that all installations and devices that you connect to the main module are automatically visible in the system. Remember to plan ahead for the installation in your home

Deimic One Master

Base and required device 

The Deimic One Master module allows you to manage all electrical devices in the building. All you need to do is connect to an external power source and LAN for the system to start working.

The product is a wired system

Deimic One Master
You are not limited by the size of the house, because the capabilities of the system are easily expanded.

With the main Deimic One Master module and the possible expansion in the form of the Deimic One Expander, nothing limits your options for connecting other devices and installations.

With our building automation system, you can control any number of gates, roller shutters, motion sensors and all other smart home functions.

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