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Air conditioning control

Make yourself feel good every day thanks to the convenient air conditioning control. Adapt it to your individual needs and enjoy a comfortable temperature throughout your home, even in the hottest summer.

Thanks to intelligent air conditioning control, you will ensure the comfort of staying in the building on hot summer days and during parties with a large number of guests. Manage the air conditioning also remotely so that you can always return to comfortable conditions.

Capabilities in a smart home:

  • Automatic shutdown of air conditioning
    when leaving home, arm the alarm and turn it on when you return, disarm the alarm
  • Turning the air conditioning on and off
    at specific times
  • Fan converter as air conditioning,
    Powered by cold water from the heat pump's borehole, it works like air conditioning in the car by regulating the speed of the fan

How to control air conditioning

  • Mechanical buttons
  • Touch panels
  • DeimicApp mobile application
    full control over your home
  • Infrared transmitters
  • Modbus RTU communication protocol

Call us and arrange a viewing and testing of the Deimic One system.

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