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Camera control

Cameras are a perfect addition to an intelligent alarm system and a tool that greatly facilitates everyday life.

Thanks to the preview of the image from the cameras, you always know what is happening in and around the house. You can check who exactly is standing at the gate and watch over the children playing in the yard.

The mobile app allows yo monitor the situation at home and react in the event of a burglary or installation failure. You can safely go on vacation and make sure that everything is fine at home at any time. Controlling cameras in building automation will give you an additional sense of security and peace of mind.

Capabilities in a smart home:

  • Easy access to the image
    from cameras using the mobile application
  • Control of the situation
    both in the building and on the property
  • Remote monitoring,
    that is access to the image from cameras when you are away from home, (internet at home and on a mobile device is necessary)

How to control cameras

  • DeimicApp mobile application
    full preview on your mobile device

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