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Control of gates and wickets

Take care of your comfort and safety by entrusting control of your gates and wickets to the Deimic One system.

Efficiently open and close both gates with one command, saving a lot of time during departures and returns.

Ensure your own safety in the form of automatic lighting in the driveway and garage. Thanks to the remote control of gates and wickets, you can also conveniently let in unexpected guests or a courier with a shipment. All you have to do is open the gate for a minute for them, which will then close automatically.

Capabilities in a smart home:

  • Tilting the gate as a wicket,
    he gate opens 1 meter wide and closes after a minute
  • Ventilation of the garage
    at the selected time of the day, but provided that someone is at home, the garage door opens half a meter to ventilate the room
  • Automatic closing
    gates and wickets at a specific time
  • Entry and Exit Scenes,
    which require the installation of an additional cut sensor and a gate closure sensor
  • Remote tilt
    the gates for courier

How to control gates and wickets:

  • Mechanical buttons
  • Touch panels
  • DeimicApp mobile application
    full control over your house 
  • Entry and Exit Scenes

An example of how the Departure scene works:

Remember that with the Deimic One smart home system, the entire sequence below is triggered by only one button / command

We give the command,
- turn on the scene in the application, or
- press the button, or
- we use a radio remote control, or - we say to Siri
- Apple's voice assistant
The gates (garage and entrance) open and the light in the garage and driveway turns on
(if it's dark)
We drive the car out of the garage, and then leave the property
After leaving
the gates automatically close and the light goes out

Call us and arrange a viewing and testing of the Deimic One system.

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