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A friendly app, a friendly home

No matter what and where you do and how you spend your free time. With us, you can always be sure that everything in your home works as it should.

Live smart and comfortable

Let DeimicApp change your life and take care of all your boring, daily chores. Make the system's task to make sure everything in the house work the way you like.

DeimicApp means the end of your worries. With the app you don't have to worry about everyday hassles like high energy bills or cold radiators in the middle of winter. The smart home system will take care of savings and reduce monthly bills, provifr a comfortable temperature at home throughout the year (not just in winter!). Your task is to relax and quickly get used to the easier life with the Deimic system.

By choosing a smart home system, you will completely change your lifestyle. By using our application, your home and life will be more organized and economical. The best part is that it doesn't require any additional commitment and time

The application adapts the house to your needs, making life more comfortable.

All you need is access to the Internet, and you will be able to easily manage all elements of your Smart Home system. The freedom gained in this way is not only comfort, but also the safety of you, your home and your family.

 Thanks to DeimicApp, you can easily manage your home and the space around it from anywhere in the world.

DEIMIC | Zaawansowane funkcje
10 years of experience 

The Deimic One smart home system and the DeimicApp is the result of over 10 years of experience of engineers and programmers working in the intelligent building industry from almost the very beginning of its existence.

DEIMIC | Prosta konfiguracja
We want the application to help you with your daily home management tasks.

At Deimic, we understand that the smart home system and the application that controls it are the tools that are designed to be adapted to the user, not the other way around. We don't want you to spend too much time learning and using our app.

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