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Recuperator control

Control the operation of the recuperator so that it can be easily adapted to your everyday habits and outdoor conditions.

Enjoy excellent quality air all year round.

Intelligent control of the recuperator will allow you to ventilate the entire house or a selected room where a meeting with a large number of people takes place every night. In this way, you will increase your comfort, the comfort of other household members and all guests who visit you

Capabilities in a smart home:

  • Change in the amount of air changed
    by the recuperator using an app or button
  • Party scene,
    increasing the amount of air for the duration of the meeting of more people
  • Bathroom scene,
    increasing the speed of the recuperator when taking a shower or bath
  • Airing,
    increasing the speed of the recuperator, e.g. in summer at night, to cool down the house
  • Sending notifications
    about the need to replace the filter or failure of the recuperator

How to control a recuperator:

  • Mechanical buttons
  • Touch panels
  • DeimicApp mobile application
    full control over your house
  • CO2 air quality sensor
  • By 0-10V signal
  • Via Modbus RTU communication protoco

Call us and arrange a viewing and testing of the Deimic One system.

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