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The scene in a smart home

 Scene is a function that allows one gesture to activate several functions at the same time

You can turn on the scene for lowering the blinds, extinguishing the lights and turning off the devices at night, or you can start the multimedia scene, i.e. turn on the TV and player, turn off the main light and lower the blinds.

Customize the switch or application to perform the most common activities in a given situation.

DEIMIC | Zaawansowane funkcje
Advanced Features

Our system is more than that
than just home automation.

With us, a newly built house will change with the household members, all thanks to the extremely easy system configuration. Play with light, create advanced scenes and configure your home exactly the way you want!

DEIMIC | Prosta konfiguracja
Simple setup

The configuration of the sample scene consists of a few simple steps performed in the Deimic App takes the user only thirty seconds.

 Deimic is the only system in Poland with the possibility of changing the function of the switch directkly via the application and without calling the installer.

DEIMIC | Prosta konfiguracja
Endless possibilities

We can control all entertainment multimedia. Converting a living room into a cinema hall or a sports stadium is no problem. Just turn on the scene that turns off the main light, activates the mood light, closes the blinds, lowers the screen and starts the projector. After a while, you can enjoy your favorite movie in a unique setting.

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