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Socket control

Thanks to smart sockets, you can control all devices that are connected to them. You can do this when you are at home and remotely when you are outside the building. You don't have to worry that you probably forgot to turn off the iron when leaving in a hurry

All you have to do is check it in the mobile application and if necessary, you can remotely turn off the appropriate socket. You'll love smart sockets if you have a curious little child at home. Instead of worrying and constantly looking after the toddler, keep him safe and turn off any sockets he can reach.

Capabilitiesin a smart home:

  • Connecting a floor lamp
  • Controlling the lighting of the Christmas tree
  • Control of infrared heaters on the terrace
  • Connecting an insect killer lamp
  • Garden fountain control
  • Controlling Christmas lights
    e.g. above the front door or on the terrace
  • Connecting computers and TV
    e.g. in children's rooms
  • Remote shutdown of everyday devices plugged into sockets
    for example curling iron, iron
  • Control of chargers and audio / video devices
    turning them off so that they don't drain power when not in use

How to control the sockets

  • DeimicApp mobile application
    full control over your house
  • Mechanical buttons
  • Touch panels
  • Clocks

  • Alarm
    arming the alarm switches off the sockets, including the devices connected to them, e.g. the iron
  • Scene  
    launching the multimedia scene will turn on the sockets, and then the devices connected to them

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