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Making changes is simple and straightforward. We give you several options that will make you adjust your smart home to your lifestyle.

You can schedule the roller shutters to rise and fall by yourself or make them work based on the rising and setting of the sun. Thanks to motion sensors, which are usually installed in rooms without windows, lighting can be conveniently controlled. In the app, you can also set the duration of the glow. Will you just come by for a minute? Set the lighting duration in the dressing room to 5 minutes. Note that a 5-minute countdown starts as soon as the sensor stops detecting movement. After this time, the light will go out.    

       The Deimic One system adapts individually to the user, providing the comfort of being yourself in your own home and great independence. In most cases, you won't need the help of installer or developer.

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 A well-known rule says that prevention is better than cure! This is why our products are made of the highest quality components. However, using the best products isn't everything

Deimic One modules have numbers of features that make them unique. You will learn about the most important ones below!


Deimic One is the only complete Smart Home system in which you can change the functions using your own phone! It will take you no more than 30 seconds and most importantly - you will do it yourself! Now imagine that you are using a different application and a different smart home system. Every time you want to change the function of the switch on the wall, you have to call the installer.


When building a house, we always try to do everything the way it should be. We also try to take care of the amount of space available, so there is no point in wasting it on an electrical switchboard. Our revolutionary module occupies only 18 fields in the switchgear. As a result, the entire system is four times smaller than competing systems with similar capabilities!


Our modules are capable of self-detecting failure. Based on that, he will try to solve it accordingly, or at least point out the problem in the event of a malfunction of the repair. Each of our modules, although a single product, consists of many different components internally. Even in the event of a malfunction, it occurs only in one component, which does not affect the operation of other functions in the smart home. With Deimic One, the likelihood of a failure that completely prevents us from working from home is minimized to almost zero!


In our system, we understand very well the importance of system and configuration backups. That is why you can save your own system, its settings, schedules and dependencies to a file. If necessary, its restoration is very easy, takes a maximum of a few minutes and requires no external help.


Even though the replacement of Deimic One modules does not happen often, we are better prepared for it than anyone else! Each of our modules is equipped with the so-called quick couplers. In practice, this means that if the module is damaged and must be replaced, you can receive the so-called Service module, replacement of which should not take more than a few minutes. Each connector is installed on extremely durable so-called pins, which completely eliminate the problem of unscrewing wires from connectors.

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