Become enlightened

Make your house, flat, apartment be the way you always wanted!
Control your surroundings

Be in charge of your surroundings

We live in an amazing time when your own home can look after your comfort and safety, and keep your bills lower than ever before!

DEIMIC like Prometheus

The system can adjust all lighting to your current needs and preferences, even set the brightness with respect to time of day and weather conditions. It can lower your electricity bills by remembering to turn lights off, so that you don’t have to!
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Experience true comfort

The system allows you to create your “personal universe” that will control all parameters of the home according to your needs and preferences. Sit back, relax and let DEIMIC take care of the rest.
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Your home, your shelter

A sense of security is one of the key values of every family’s life. DEIMIC can ensure the security of your home as it allows you to control and react to any emergency from anywhere on earth.
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Let each moment be special

With just the press of a button, transform your living room into a cinema, sports arena or the best club in town. There is no limit to creating and customising your own scenes and programs.
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Less means more

Everyone is to some extent concerned with savings. Money really does have a habit of disappearing rather quickly. Now might be the time to take matters into your own hands and start to really control your finances. Through proper management of lighting, heating and other utilities, DEIMIC will save up to 30% on your bills on a regular basis!

What we can control:

Standard Edition

Remote controlled sockets and switches

Blinds and roller shutters

Temperature sensors

RGB Full Color lighting

Gates and garage doors

Garden installations / sprinklers

Standard lighting

Internet connection / Wi-Fi

Motion sensors

LED lighting

The basic version of the system – DEIMIC ONE Master – is meant for spaces up to 120 m2 (1300 square feet). Buildings that are larger or have more remote controlled objects require an expansion module – DEIMIC ONE Expander.

DEIMIC ONE System Presentation

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