Automation and control of all installations

DEIMIC ONE gives you the liberty and time to relax and rest. The system continually monitors all the installations and parameters of your home and ensures its proper and optimal functioning. DEIMIC ONE automatically manages and controls the temperature, lighting, ventilation, heat recovery, air conditioning, gates, garage doors, alarm system, and all system installations within the property and the garden.

Air conditioning control

Air conditioning is becoming more common in newly built homes. Unfortunately, AC can be extremely energy-consuming, especially in the summer. DEIMIC can make split AC units less energy-consuming and cheaper in use. Smart Comfort can turn off the AC and close the blinds when the house is empty to maintain a relatively low temperature at a low cost. Once you come home, the AC turns back on and the blinds open.

If the house is still under construction and you decide on a ground source heat pump (vertical or horizontal), you might consider installing fan coils. These are air conditioners that use cold water already collected in the heat pump. This way, the fan coil only requires energy to run the ventilator controlled by DEIMIC ONE (continuously adjusting gears to maintain the right temperature for all household members). When you get home, the fan coils turn on to maintain the temperature set in the DEIMIC ONE app.

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