Automation and control of all installations

DEIMIC ONE gives you the liberty and time to relax and rest. The system continually monitors all the installations and parameters of your home and ensures its proper and optimal functioning. DEIMIC ONE automatically manages and controls the temperature, lighting, ventilation, heat recovery, air conditioning, gates, garage doors, alarm system, and all system installations within the property and the garden.

Central heating control

Air conditioning and heating usually make up a large portion of all bills. With DEIMIC ONE’s Smart function, you can save up to 30% of ventilation and heating costs. How is that possible?

DEIMIC ONE can control the temperature in each room individually. The Smart Comfort function allows you to set an optimal temperature in every area of your home. For example, the temperature can be 19°C in the bedroom, 22°C in the living room, and 14°C in the garage and other utility rooms. This guarantees comfort in the entire home and avoids energy waste.
If there are radiators in any part of the house, the ECO function can lower the temperature automatically by one or two degrees when everyone leaves the house, and increase it to normal levels when anyone comes back.

With the Smart function, the system can also detect whenever a window is opened and reduce or turn off the heating in the room. Any duct fans or fan coil units installed in the house can be connected to DEIMIC, allowing for smooth (and mobile) gear control and start-up/shutdown of the heat furnace.
You can change the heating settings and adjust the temperature to your current preferences and the weather using the DEIMIC app, available on all mobile devices, such as smartphones, tablets or Apple watch.

Another functionality available in DEIMIC ONE and Smart Comfort functions is management of energy based on your energy tariff. DEIMIC ONE will use heat pumps mostly when energy is cheap, and minimise energy consumption when it’s more expensive, which can cut the bill by about 25%.

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