Automation and control of all installations

DEIMIC ONE gives you the liberty and time to relax and rest. The system continuously monitors all the installations and parameters of your home and ensures its proper and optimal functioning. DEIMIC ONE automatically manages and controls the temperature, lighting, ventilation, heat recovery, air conditioning, gates, garage doors, alarm system, and all system installations within the property and the garden.

Gate / door control

Linking an entrance gate or garage door to DEIMIC ONE revolutionises the way they work. You no longer need two remote controls to open and close them –the system will do that for you.

On arrival at home, just tap the “entry” icon in the DEIMIC app on your mobile device or the remote supplied with your DEIMIC system. The system then opens the entry gate, turns the outdoor lights on if it’s dark, opens the garage door and disarms the alarm. Once you’re in the garage, all gates close, the outdoor lights turn off, and the garage and hallway lights turn on according to your custom scene pre-programmed to suit your needs and preferences.
Similarly, when leaving, simply flip a switch on the garage wall or tap the “exit” icon in the DEIMIC app. The garage door will remain open for a maximum of 10 minutes, until you leave the garage, which gives you enough time to install the baby car seat, put you bags in the trunk, etc. Once you leave the garage, the door shuts automatically, and the driveway gate closes once you go through it.

If your property does not have a walkway, you can use the driveway gate. Smart Comfort opens it for one minute, and closes it automatically after a time you specify in the settings. The “Safe” function enables DEIMIC to automatically shut gates at a specific time of day and after arming the house alarm, guaranteeing that all your gates are locked. We strongly recommend installing a reed switch on the garage door that allows for the system to automatically shut the door at a set time and to check if its closed or open.

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