Automation and control of all installations

DEIMIC ONE gives you the liberty and time to relax and rest. The system continually monitors all the installations and parameters of your home and ensures its proper and optimal functioning. DEIMIC ONE automatically manages and controls the temperature, lighting, ventilation, heat recovery, air conditioning, gates, garage doors, alarm system, and all system installations within the property and the garden.

Shutters control

One of the primary features of DEIMIC ONE Smart Comfort is advanced control and management of blinds, shutters, awnings and other types of window coverings. The system will automatically shut and secure the blinds at nightfall, and open them in the morning to wake you up with rays of sunlight. DEIMIC can also control the amount of sunlight let into the house according to seasons, protecting you from the summer heat and warming your home in the winter.

Technical requirements and recommendations

When choosing roller shutters or external blinds, we suggest not to choose models with wireless or low voltage motors. We recommend wired 230 V motor shutters (with opening phase and closing phase). These are both cheaper and fully controllable by DEIMIC ONE.

The system is compatible with both mechanical and electronic limit switches in shutters. We suggest that the supplier enables control via stages: On - blind opening, Off - blind closing. Moreover, Velux blinds need an extra driver, while Farko blinds usually don’t. Lastly, please do not purchase or install any wall switches for the blinds, as the blinds can only be connected to the switchboard.
DEIMIC ONE allows you to control each shutter separately via the DEIMIC mobile app or programmed standard switches. For convenience, a single switch usually controls a whole group of shutters, e.g. all within one room, rather than each one separately.

If with time you decide that grouping blinds is not the best solution, it will only take you a few seconds to alter the settings. The ability to continually change settings and configurations is one of the most important functions of Smart Comfort.
Of course, such changes do not require the help of a professional – you can make them all on your own, as many as you like and whenever you want.

Trying out new settings is very convenient, as 28 most recent setups are stored in the system’s memory for backup, which allows you to quickly go back to any previously tested setup.
Shutter buttons have a double function. If you hold them briefly (up to 2 seconds), they will open/close one shutter; if you hold the button longer, the system will open or close shutters in the whole room or on the entire floor. DEIMIC ONE can also control all blinds and shutters automatically. For example, it can shut the blinds when you leave the house, and open them on your return (taking under consideration the weather and time of day).

The “COMFORT” function allows to automatically close all shutters after dark in order to prevent the neighbours from seeing into your house and guarantee you the highest level of comfort and privacy. And when you wake up in the morning, all it takes is a single press of a button, and all shutters open to let sunlight into the house.

The “ECO” function allows for higher electricity savings. In the summer, the system will automatically open and close shutters to protect the inside of the house from the sun’s heat. Conversely, in winter the system will use sunlight to heat the rooms, but close the shutters in strong wind to limit heat loss.

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