Intelligent entertainment control and management centre

DEIMIC ONE allows you to quickly customise selected areas of your house according to your needs for the moment. In a matter of seconds, your living room can be transformed into a home cinema, a sports arena or a disco. The system gives you virtually unlimited possibilities to create an environment where you like to spend time, rest and relax.
DEIMIC ONE system doesn’t just control the temperature, lighting, household appliances and building automation. It also creates entertainment zones that adapt to your current needs and carry out sequences through scenes and programs for everyday use.

Smart entertainment

DEIMIC ONE can be fully integrated with video equipment, sound system and other devices, like screens, projectors, LED light RGB illuminations and control panels. Due to DEIMIC’s extensive compatibility with various devices located within your home, you can easily create your customised entertainment world.

The most popular entertainment solutions used in conjunction with DEIMIC include:

- ceiling speakers (installed in selected rooms or terraces), with the option to play different music in every zone from a single sound source
- multiroom TV with just one decoder,
- integration of audio and video equipment with lighting and certain devices through scenes and executive programs
- automatic turning on and off of selected audio devices (CD, DVD, radio, A/V receiver, SONOS) as part of every household member’s individual settings
- ability to play audio or video from any room without remote controls

Scenes and Programs

With scenes, you can convert any selected area into a home theatre, sports stadium, disco, or Italian cafe. You can create any type of scene or program you like, and let it do all the work! The system can turn on and set your entertainment equipment, adjusts the lighting and blinds, run LED illumination and/or glares, lift the projector and roll out the screen. All of this thanks to your preprogrammed scenes, customised for your needs and preferences and set up in the DEIMIC app.

All benefits of Smart Entertainment aim to:

- generate savings - you don’t have to buy multiple devices – you only need one set!
- improve convenience and comfort - even when relaxing in the bath, you can listen to your favourite music or radio station
- simplify control through advanced functionalities - you don’t need to set everything separately - just one click in the app or a standard switch can do the job
- provide full control of all media within your home - via the DEIMIC app, you can easily activate sound zones to listen to what you like

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