Controlling intelligent lighting systems

DEIMIC has an ideally constructed set of tools for advanced management of all types of lighting. This includes LED, RGB - Full Colour / Wave / UV / glow or standard, in a full range of colours, with colour and brightness adjustment. Any number of light sources can be combined to create even the most complex, multi-stage lighting sequences.

Lighting Configuration

Lighting is one of the most important features in every space, whether it’s a house, apartment or other type of property. Even at the final stages of construction, it is very difficult to determine the type and location of lighting that will be needed. It usually takes some time living in a fully furnished home to determine the optimal lighting setup.

With DEIMIC ONE, it’s easy to reassign lights to different switches. Today, a switch in your living room turns on the lamp above the table. Tomorrow, it can control the kitchenette or dining room lighting. Additionally, more than one lamp can be assigned to any switch. This highly customisable system allows you to build lighting scenes, where a single switch can create an entire sequence of events, different for every given situation.

Lighting control

Lighting can also be controlled via the Smart Lighting functions of the DEIMIC app, available for all smartphones and tablets. The app allows you to create scenes and executive programs and gives you full control of the lighting in your home, driveway and garden.

DEIMIC allows you to change and switch between light settings, and create day, evening and night modes, which guarantees significant electricity savings. You can also set the brightness of light, use dimming and illumination or colour RGB LEDs; you can find the perfect lighting for every room and adapt it to your current needs and preferences.
DEIMIC ONE enables advanced management and control of the following: standard lamps, LEDs, TV backlights, colourful illuminations in the living room or kitchen, time of day modes, UV glow, and wave effects that change colours, frequency and brightness.

All lighting can also be controlled automatically. You only need to preset modes that will trigger in specific circumstances. This also applies to outdoor lighting, which can turn on automatically at dusk and stay on all night or until you go to sleep.
Another important feature in light control are motion sensors, a great solution to automatically turn on the light in the garage, entrance, hallway, stairway, pantry, closet and bathroom. DEIMIC ONE Smart Lighting constantly monitors such areas to turn on the light the moment someone enters and turns it off once they leave.

Motion sensors are perfect for places with multiple entrances – a motion sensor placed in the stairway can replace several switches. Both motion sensors and switches can trigger different light modes depending on the time of day. For example, after 11 p.m., a motion sensor in the bathroom can trigger LED lights at 30% brightness instead of the bright halogen lighting used during the day, while the sensor in the hallway can trigger dimmed wall lights rather than the chandelier.

DEIMIC ONE System Presentation

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