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DEIMIC ONE is one of few automated smart home management systems in the world that have 3 burglar protections and 2 emergency modes, which guarantees fail-safe operation in virtually any environment. DEIMIC ONE constantly monitors the building and its immediate surroundings. It takes the role of the alarm and can secure safety zones with the use of pre-set scenes and executive programs. DEIMIC can activate "presence simulation" or "panic mode" according to your preferences. DEIMIC ONE constantly monitors all sensors and when necessary, automatically starts safety procedures. Additionally, the system provides access to all IP cameras in and around the property through the DEIMIC app.
In general, most threatening situations take place in our absence. With the advanced features of DEIMIC ONE, you can greatly reduce or even completely eliminate any threat from taking place at all.

DEIMIC ONE allows to create programs or scenes (scene creation) that you can run with a single tap on the icon in the DEIMIC app or with a classic key switch. For example, you can specify the devices you want to turn off or set a certain way when you leave the house.
The system can set the alarm zone and arm the alarm whenever necessary, lower the temperature when you leave the property, open and close gates in certain situations, activate security modes such as “presence simulation” or “panic mode”, turn off electrical outlets, and provide 24/7 access to all cameras within and around the property.

Setting and configuring scenes is a process that’s 100% individual and depends fully on the user's preference. Naturally, you can create multiple scenes and scenarios for DEIMIC to perform, like exit and entry scenes, adapted to your individual needs and preferences, which will be different when you leave for work and you go on a long holiday.
Certain features of the system are specially designed for when you are away. For example, short and long term presence simulation can effectively protect your premises against burglars. It’s very unlikely that a burglar would want to risk breaking into a home where the lights and TV are on.

In addition, DEIMIC can automatically arm alarms and provide you with 24/7 access to all cameras installed on the premises in case you want to make sure that everything is alright.
Of course, double checking the safety of your house should be the last thing on your mind. The system will take care of most security functions and guard your home. For example, when you arm the alarm, the system will make sure that there is no stranger or hazard in the house. It will immediately notify you of any unwanted presence or danger and trigger safety procedures.

The safety procedures include: turning on the light, setting off the alarm, disconnecting water in case of flood sensors activation, activating ventilation and emergency lighting in case of carbon monoxide detection.
The DEIMIC system will monitor any presence in the house and will ask you whether to activate the alarm when everyone leaves. Once everything works according to the set-up, certain procedures can be put in place to ensure your comfort and safety. Their status will be available to you through the DEIMIC app.
This applies to closing garage doors and gates, alarm zone activation, thermal control, lighting control, ventilation and heat recovery, motion sensors, etc. Likewise, the system controls, monitors, and manages all aspects of your everyday life, such as turning on lighting for children at night, and shutting everything off when you are asleep.
For children, we recommend the ‘Safe baby room’ module, expanded with the ‘Super Nanny’. Integrated with a camera and microphone, they allow to continuously monitor the children’s room via the DEIMIC APP.  

When the kids grow older, you can be comforted by the fact that DEIMIC will take care of their newfound interest in power sockets and electrical installations. DEIMIC gives you the ability to cut off power to any sockets at any time you want, and turn it back when you actually need to use them. DEIMIC also allows you to control the Wi-Fi and TV, which is a useful feature when trying to motivate your children to study, do homework and limit their everyday Internet use.

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