Automation and control of all installations

DEIMIC ONE gives you the liberty and time to relax and rest. The system continually monitors all the installations and parameters of your home and ensures its proper and optimal functioning. DEIMIC ONE automatically manages and controls the temperature, lighting, ventilation, heat recovery, air conditioning, gates, garage doors, alarm system, and all system installations within the property and the garden.

Ventilation control

DEIMIC ONE’s ventilation control provides optimum comfort and limits energy consumption to cut costs. Upon detecting a rise in temperature, the system can automatically increase ventilation and maximise the rate of air flow. This is especially useful during large gatherings, where an increased number of people in the house generates a temperature rise and changes air composition. DEIMIC ONE automatically adjusts the recuperator, and once the temperature decreases, it reduces the air flow rate to the standard setting.

Thanks to DEIMIC’s Smart Comfort function, we can control the recuperator by manipulating its efficiency, for example switching the air flow rate from 100 m3/h to 200 m3/h or any other user-specified amount.

On hot summer days, air cooling function should be activated. This increases air flow during the night, when the temperature is lower outside than in the house, and cools down the house for the day, so there is no need to use AC!
The system cannot control ventilation motors directly, which is done by a sensor that monitors air pressure levels in the house. This is necessary to ensure your safety, as very low pressure could cause fireplace smoke to be pulled into the house, while high pressure would waste all recuperated heat by pushing it out of the house. For this reason, it is essential that the ventilator installed is supplied with a dedicated controller.

DEIMIC ECO function reduces house ventilation to a minimum when nobody’s home, and increases it back to an optimal level on your return. DEIMIC ONE controls the recuperator’s operation so well because it uses 3 or 4 relays, which is how most recuperators are controlled (especially units supplied with a wall-mounted gear switch and without an LCD display).

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