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Designed to always be at your disposal.

An intuitive app to control all appliances and installations within your home that are connected to DEIMIC ONE.

All in ONE

One mobile application is everything you need to successfully control and manage your home from anywhere in the world.


Your user menu and profile are assigned to a specific range of system control. It can be just one room or floor, selected system functions or strictly defined parameters. Key installations and devices can be easily managed only through an unlimited access user profile. This prevents any unauthorised changes into your home.


You can adjust the size, colour and appearance of your menu icons freely. The app has special settings for older people and features for kids. There are no limits to the changes you can make, and previous settings are stored in the memory, so you can easily experiment and choose what suits you the most.

With powerful features built into the core management system, every user can create their individual menu, adapt the app interface according to their preferences, needs, abilities and language. All settings, appearance and contents of the app are fully adjustable.


Features such as temperature settings in specific areas, alarm system arming in individual security zones, air conditioning, ventilation, heat recovery and gate control, as well as mobile access to house automation can only be accessed by authorised users. Your home will always be secure and hospitable to its residents.

DEIMIC ONE and the DEIMIC app are fully protected against unauthorised access. Mobile devices such as smartphones, Apple watch and tables have to be specially configured before accessing the system. All transmissions between DEIMIC and any devices are encrypted, and only authorised users have mobile access to the system features.


Clear, adjustable icons made to facilitate user experience provide a simple and intuitive way to control your home. You can change their size, colour and background, adjust to an older person’s needs, and use themes and add-ons to make it more child-friendly. It’s all extremely easy and takes literally seconds.


Mobility requires flexibility, which is why the DEIMIC app is available on all popular system. Your smartphone or tablet running iOS, Android, Windows Phone or Linux can give you full access to your home automation system through the app.
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