All DEIMIC ONE products are committed to IoT - Internet of Things standards!

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In response to the nearing expansion of standards based on the notion of Internet of Things (IoT), DEIMIC has developed innovative technological system solution- DEIMIC ONE, an intelligent building automation system compatible with any object and venue! DEIMIC ONE is suitable for all: individual customers: for their houses, villas, flats, apartments, penthouse, etc., for developers: investments in apartment buildings, commercial buildings, and public utility venues such as: hotels, shops, sports halls, catering halls, hospitals, sanatoriums and SPAs among other. The options truly are unlimited!

DEIMIC ONE has been built for long-term use and therefore it’s compatible with any kinds of upgrades. It’s extensive compatibility is exactly the reason, DEIMIC engineers have made the system be cable-based (cabling structure based on the same wires as in standard installations, arranged in a different manner, in accordance with the guidelines of the standard DEIMIC ONE ) . A cable-based solution for DEIMIC ONE has many benefits, for example, it provides resistance to interference resulting from mutual communication and the use of numerous electronic equipment in our surroundings, it causes therefore, for the system to be more reliable, as well as more prepared for the forthcoming standards of the "Internet of Things" .
More information is available in the Wireless and Cable Systems section.
DEIMIC has created a wide and diverse range of forms of cooperation on a global scale for the following: installation survives, sales force, and distribution channels for DEIMIC ONE. To better present each of them, 5 different information departments were created in order to supply necessary information on potential cooperation with technical installers, product distributors, architects and interior designers, developers and corporate businesses. Specifically defined parameters and options and conditions for cooperation in terms of selling and distribution of DEIMIC products have been defined for each of the 5 levels of cooperation, outlining potentials of distribution channels, product pricing and pricing policy at home and abroad.

Offer for the set-up crew

DEIMIC has prepared a special offer for cooperation with installers, electricians and assemblers of intelligent budding automation systems on the market. Carefully defined conditions for cooperation as well as scope of cooperation have been outlined by DEIMIC in its sales program- DEIMIC SALES PROGRAM, which are designed to attract professional installers, electricians and assemblers to work with DEIMIC for its customers- at the same time obtaining various perks and benefits from such cooperation. The DEIMIC SALES PROGRAM also describes the system functionalities, its potential as well as added values compared to the competition.
Offer Details: For the set-up crew

Offer for Distributors

DEIMIC has prepared a new pricing policy addressed to both, industrial companies as well as companies specializing in resale and distribution of products. and well as international trade. As part of this policy, precise conditions and scope of opportunities to cooperate with DEIMIC have been set, on the basis of: Authorized Distributors of DEIMIC, National Regional Distributors programs for companies among others.
Offer Details: For Distributors

Offer for Designers

The DEIMIC company has been involved in collaboration with interior design offices worldwide for a long time. This form of cooperation has brought tangible benefits to both DEIMIC and the designers, who can now offer their customers innovative technological solutions in the following areas: building functionality, security and cost effectiveness. DEIMIC has already begun introducing its new product DEIMIC ONE BOX to new markets, in the context of which it has designed attractive cooperation offers for design houses as well as freelance designers and architects.
Offer Details: For Designers

Offer for Developers

DEIMIC is a polish based company - DEIMIC Sp. z o.o., which has offices in East Europe and East Asia and other continents- DEIMIC Ltd., as well as a member of DEIMIC Middle East, the company also operates in the Middle Eastern countries and the Persian Gulf. DEIMIC is a member of the Polish - Arabian Business Council and the Chamber of Commerce, which helps the company in its further expansion into the GCC markets. The focus of the company is on the developers with whom it implements investment projects. The " DEIMIC Sales Program" has been created solely for the purpose of giving developers the best possible price and offer for cooperation, as well as provide them with any assistance concerning system setup planning, installation and configuration.
Offer Details: For Developers

Offer for Businesses

DEIMIC offers all businesses the most universal and versatile building automation system on the market. The offer addresses a wide range of companies, which through fusing DEIMIC ONE with their offer, will create added value and a vast competitive advantage to their standard offers for their specific target customers. Hotels, hospitals, sanatoriums, gyms, SPAs, catering facilities, and commercial venues can now be managed by an intelligent building automation and management system, which significantly increases the standards of the venue, and allows for additional benefits and savings that are of great importance for any business.
Offer Details: For Businesses

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