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DEIMIC ONE was created with all kinds of spaces in mind.
With this system, you can control and manage any number of installations and devices, thus increasing functionality, security and savings, which are all crucial factors in running a business.


Deimic is one of few manufacturers in the world that offer building automation and management to hotels. DEIMIC is capable of managing very different areas simultaneously – guest rooms, conference halls, reception area, restaurants and any other space within the building. This innovative solution substantially increases the comfort and convenience of stay in a smart hotel.

DEIMIC also makes the hotel staff’s job easier with tools to change the parameters of virtually any area of the building. Just one employee can control the whole building and surrounding areas, such as parking lot access, lighting, garden sprinklers, fountains, etc. – all without leaving the reception desk.

Most importantly, DEIMIC enhances the hotel guests’ experience. Even before arrival, they can download a special app that will make their stay easier. The DEIMIC app has a wide range of solutions that make their stay more attractive and comfortable. DEIMIC Smart Hotel System is today’s solution for the future of the hospitality industry.


When creating DEIMIC, our team took under consideration its potential to be used in various types of establishments, and restaurants, pubs and other catering businesses are a great example of a demanding environment. Each one of them utilises diverse spaces, and the staff in the kitchen will have completely different needs than the customers in the dining area. Working conditions can be improved significantly by smart control and management, such as automatic temperature, lighting, ventilation, air conditioning adjustment. Quick adjustments to the customers’ needs and preferences can become a key factor in their satisfaction, leading to favourable opinions and recommendations.

Why are DEIMIC’s solutions so important?
- One can freely change and adjust conditions in the kitchen, warehouses, cold stores, as well as dining rooms, banquet halls, etc. according to the circumstances.
- During events such as weddings, banquets, receptions, catered business meetings, and regular operations, all lighting (traditional, LED, RGB), ventilation, air conditioning, entertainment devices (e.g. sound systems), gates and garden installations can all be changed quickly.
- The system generates significant savings - through use of motion sensors, scenes, temperature, ventilation and air conditioning management – reducing electricity and gas bills up to 30%!
- Alarm systems and surveillance can be integrated in the DEIMIC application designed for monitoring and controlling the entire premises.

Property owners and investors must decide for themselves whether to add value to their businesses and become the leading innovators in their fields, or focus on the past.

Hospitals, Sanatoriums and Nursing Homes

The idea behind creating DEIMIC was never focused on just smart homes or restaurants, but considered the system’s potential wider applications in various business fields. As a wired system, DEIMIC can function in virtually any environment, and was created to introduce a new way to manage spaces and buildings of any kind. In places such as hospitals, sanatoriums or nursing homes, where the patients’ wellbeing is the top priority, reliability, security, customised functionality and cost-effectiveness are of utmost importance.

Such institutions are to be comfortable, functional, safe, hospitable and at the same time cost-effective.
With an intelligent management system like DEIMIC, the management of such institutions gains immediate control over their optimal functioning. A higher potential number of patients, increased accessibility, conditions adjusted to patients’ needs, and quick adaptation to the weather and environment are all challenges that administrators of such institutions must face.
DEIMIC can improve and even revolutionise the following aspects of care:

- remote management of patient rooms, physicians' offices and medical rooms
- automatic lighting, temperature, ventilation, air conditioning and recuperation control
- smart lighting management through motion sensors and scene implementation
- remote supervision of patient rooms and other areas with IP cameras
- automatic and controllable management of selected installations and devices
- continual data transfer from all sensors
- ability to manage entire floors or units from the reception area by just one person
- potential for remote access to camera feeds in patient rooms through a mobile app, restricted to authorised personnel
- up-to-date information on water, gas, electricity usage in a mobile app, available to the administrator

The system's capabilities and applications are universal and can be individually tailored to any institution or business.

Gyms, Health and Beauty, Spas

DEIMIC constantly adapts its products to current market requirements and expectations, and thus has created a special version of its system dedicated to public facilities such as gyms, health and beauty salons, wellness centres, and SPAs. Such facilities use complex equipment and building structures that require special administration. Areas such as changing and shower rooms, individual bathrooms, extra sinks and toilets, swimming pools, hot tubs and specialised treatment rooms, used by large numbers of people in long hours, are a challenge to maintain and manage.

This is a perfect environment to use an intelligent building automation and management system. All automation, lighting, temperature, ventilation, recuperation and air conditioning control, combined with motion sensors, alarm management and continuous camera feed access are just some of the many easily accessible and customisable features.

DEIMIC’s intelligent solutions allow to:
- substantially reduce operating costs
- significantly increase functionality
- improve the safety of and supervision over staff
- create the perfect environment for training, rehabilitation and treatments for even the most demanding clients

The application of DEIMIC intelligent home control and management system is a guarantee of significant savings and profits as well as positive customer experience and recommendations, which attract new clients.

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