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Give your customers access to innovative building automation solutions! Complete your designs with the DEIMIC ONE system.

Deimic offers cooperation to design studios and architecture firms. DEIMIC ONE was created for a wide range of opportunities and benefits for all kinds of buildings. With DEIMIC ONE, customers can control and effectively manage a majority of house installations and devices, for a significantly increased user comfort, security and cost-effectiveness of everyday living!

We can provide interior designers with all necessary information and support in installation requirements and preparing electrical documentation (regarding intelligent wiring). Deimic’s consultants are always available to design companies and their business clients (in person, via teleconference, etc.). They can provide comprehensive information about the system’s advanced functionalities, applications and benefits of its use, and answer any questions.

Our specialists and automation engineers are available at every stage of project planning.

DEIMIC is intended for the following types of investment projects:

- flats, apartments, penthouses
- detached or semi-detached houses, villas and larger residences
- property development projects, mainly flats for sale
- food industry and entertainment venues such as: restaurants, pubs, bars, clubs, discos and concert halls
- public utility buildings such as: sports centres, gyms, hotels and spas
- hospitals, sanatoriums and nursing homes

Major benefits of cooperation with Deimic:

- financial benefits for designers and studios - determined individually based on investment and project type
- ability to introduce the customers to one of the most innovative and functional automated building control and management solutions on the market
- significant increase in the functionality of designs
Please feel free to call us on +48 604 853 064 or fill in the contact form, including 'For Designers' in the message. We will contact you to discuss the conditions and scope of cooperation..

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