Raise standards and decide for yourself whether the price of your real estate will change.

Stay ahead of the competition.
Meet the requirements of a whole new generation of customers.
Raise the standards and decide for yourself whether it’s worth it.

Sell smart houses and flats in the DEIMIC ONE technology!

DEIMIC is one of the top innovative systems of intelligent building automation control and management.

This system is quick and easy to set up and configure, compatible with all types of houses, apartment buildings and more. It is a solution that meets the market’s and customers’ expectations, with the optimal combination of possibilities, quality and price. DEIMIC is all you need to make your offer attractive and unrivalled.

DEIMIC ONE can be installed in any building project. It’s innovative – small (one module is enough for most buildings), can be controlled from any smartphone or tablet – and practical: trouble-free, generates savings, and increases security. Guaranteed flawless operation 24/7.


Let’s be honest!

For most companies, generating highest profit with least expenditures is a priority. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, on the contrary, this is how the housing market works. An offer’s attractiveness and competitiveness advantage will always be a key factor in sales.

There are a number of factors that customers consider when browsing through real estate offers:
- the right type of building – a house, flat, penthouse, house, villa, commercial building for offices, manufacturing, etc.
- location and price
- built, equipment and finish
- developer’s reputation based on previous clients’ recommendations
- other similar or even identical offers in the area

A client's decision is influenced by each of these factors. A perfect solution would be to build in the most attractive location, at low costs, with quality materials, great attention to finish, and guaranteed customer satisfaction.

The reality, however, is usually quite different.

An upscale building be made of quality materials with brand-name components, in an attractive location, and with flawless finish obviously involves large expenses. And with a high price tag! Which makes it less attractive to the customers. So how do you make the right decisions? What factors weigh the most on the customers‘ choice? What makes your offer stand out from all others?

This is where we step in and create a new era in the property market.
This is exactly how DEIMIC PROGRAM SALES was born.


Let’s consider a scenario many developers find themselves in:
- fewer interesting locations, more expensive land for investment
- fewer available specialists and much higher labor costs
- a significant increase in competition
- competition from small and medium-sized construction companies
- price war with competitors to win over the customers (within a city, country, or a given location)
- less accessible mortgage loans and increased requirements for own contribution in real estate investment

All of the above factors have a negative impact on the entire developer market, and in turn force a search for concrete solutions for maximally neutralizing their undesirable effects. In current market conditions, developers are looking for optimal solutions, such as building a hotel in a location that customers would find most attractive, with the greatest return on investment and minimal expenditures.


All expenditures incurred by the developer range from 1% to a maximum of a few % of the entire investment !

Thanks to “DEIMIC Program Sales” – developers receive:

- the possibility of introducing DEIMIC ONE, intelligent home management technology included in the price of real estate*
- pre-preparation of standard house layouts for DEIMIC Basic and Premium package
- technical support at every stage of the system set up, configuration and integration of systems
- trainings for setup crews and electricians (after the training a team appointed by the developer can independently prepare wiring and install the system in the form of a standard - Basic package)
- training for sales and marketing departments (information sharing, collaboration and new ways of presenting what DEIMIC has to offer)
- advertisements, marketing and promotional materials and services, including catalogs, leaflets and films
- custom marketing materials using developer’s logo and layouts

Sample households with and without the DEIMIC smart home automated building management system

& additional functions
A traditional home
(no smart home system)
A DEIMIC smart home
switches standard standard (pulse)
sockets standard standard
switchboard standard standard (18 modules)
wiring standard - classic intelligent - star typology with central hub in switchboard
cable types standard standard - UTP5e for switches, 4 x 2.5 mm2 for sockets
other equipment developer's finishing developer's finishing (additional sensors, optional IP cameras)
DEIMIC ONE n/a 1 module in switchboard
additional security measures n/a presence simulation, flooding detectors, solenoid water valves for emergency cut-off, smoke detectors
alarm control n/a optional measures, panic mode
remote control via app n/a remote control through an iOS/Android/Windows smartphone or tablet
lighting control standard switches standard switches, scenes involving mutiple light sources, mobile control through the app
heating control standard standard control, scenes, mobile control through the app
LED / RGB Control n/a full range of features, dimming, wave, control through the app
remote feed n/a remote preview through the app
virtual water, gas, electricity meters n/a water, gas, electricity usage data in the app

A DEIMIC home / Basic Package /

The BASIC package of automation and intelligent building management system grants the following functionalities:

- control and management of 12 light sources
- optional alarm control
- remote controlled sockets (e.g. for an iron in the living room and toaster in the kitchen)
- heating control and mobile management for entire home
- preprogrammed entry/exit scenes
- presence simulation in empty home, both short-term and long-term
- automatic temperature decrease on leaving home
- temporary heating reduction when windows are open
- life-long license to use the DEIMIC software (cost included in the price of the system, equivalent to £200)
- remote access for 2 smartphones and a tablet via the DEIMIC app

A DEIMIC home / Premium Package /

The PREMIUM package includes a full range of solutions for automation and intelligent control. This package requires a DEIMIC ONE Expander module and other additional components. Includes the basic package and the following:

- additional light sources control
-additional LED control (one colour)
- additional RGB lighting control options (full colors)
- additional remote controlled sockets
- additional motion sensors
- independent heating zones with temperature control
- life-long license to use the DEIMIC software (cost included in the price of the system, equivalent to £350
- remote access for un unlimited number of smartphones and tablets through a premium version of the DEIMIC app
- additional functions within the app (for children and older people)
- app skins (holiday, festive, different language versions)

The extended premium package also includes:

Intelligent Kitchen Package

- 2 remote controlled sockets
- RGB lighting (full colour)
- set-up and control of intelligent kitchen appliances

Safety Package for children’s room

- 3 remote controlled sockets with anti-shock safety
- 1 motion sensor integrated with night lighting and glow or UV lighting
- LED / RGB / UV lighting
- entertainment control (sound, video, computer, NET, Wi-Fi)

An optional addition to the children's room safety package - Super Nanny
- child supervision via a special camera (only 3 cm) feed to the DEIMIC app
- full audio monitoring of the children's room

Intelligent Living Room package

- LED lighting (one colour)
- RGB lgihting (full colour)
- TV RGB backlight
- 2 remote controlled sockets with modulation contactors
- entertainment control, including home cinema (projector and screen control)
- IR transmitter (takes over TV and other video and sound equipment's remote control functions)

DEIMIC ONE System Presentation

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