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In mid 2016, Deimic introduced DEIMIC ONE BOX.

DEIMIC ONE is the only home automation system in Europe that can be installed and set-up by the customer.

Most potential customers look for tangible benefits of the purchase. First of all, DEIMIC ONE has unlimited applications and can successfully manage houses, flats, commercial buildings and public spaces.

Thanks to its unlimited possibilities of configuration, easy installation and a very attractive price, DEIMIC ONE’s popularity is growing fast.

In response to market needs, Deimic started building worldwide distribution channels for a new product. DEIMIC ONE’s customers will no longer be just private customers and companies, but also electrical installers that would install the product for customers. As a modular system, DEIMIC is sold as DEIMIC ONE Box - Master and DEIMIC ONE Box - Expander.
By selling one system, we sell one, two or more products, depending on the customer's preference and the size of the building to be managed by DEIMIC ONE. For example, a house of approximately 200-250 m2 (2200-2700 sq ft) would usually require two or even three control modules and additional components including: motion sensors, IP cameras, video entry phones, additional detectors (flooding, smoke, dusk) that the customers can choose from. This is a very attractive sales model for all kinds of distributors and we offer three types of opportunities for those interested in cooperating with Deimic:

1. Authorised national DEIMIC ONE distributor

Becoming an authorised national distributor of DEIMIC ONE system requires a real commitment and gives greatest benefits. An authorised distributor company needs to always have a minimum of 10 pcs (15-20 pcs preferred) of DEIMIC products in store: DEIMIC ONE Box (Master and Expander modules) and 3 component packages (motion detectors, temperature, precipitation and any other additional sensors).

Authorised national distributors will be supplied with DEIMIC products on a regular basis and provided with contact information for all authorised DEIMIC installers and electricians in a given region or area. All DEIMIC installers will be able to purchase DEIMIC products and components from the distributors at a special regulated installers’ price* (determined by each DEIMIC distributing company individually).

All distributing companies should also support corporate and private customers interested in purchasing DEIMIC ONE, at a suggested retail price (which is fixed for all distribution channels in a given country) or with individual discounts (the offer being at the distributor’s discretion).
If a global or national promotional campaign is organised by Deimic, after consulting the terms with authorised distributors, a single fixed price for all promoted products will be set for all distributing channels in a given country.

What's unique about DEIMIC is its modular form. The system can be sold as a box kit, which additionally attracts potential customers. DEIMIC ONE BOX includes the core operating system DEIMIC ONE MASTER and is suitable for any space, no matter its size, and compatible with various DEIMIC ONE EXPANDER modular extensions (depending on the range of functionalities the customers need).
An up-to-date list of all authorised national DEIMIC distributors is available on the company’s home website:, as well as any advertising materials, promotional campaigns, online articles and newspaper advertisements, DVD guides (an integral part of the DEIMIC ONE Box). Moreover, every licensed installer is given contact details for authorised distributors.

Being an authorised distributor of DEIMIC ONE system gives you an opportunity to purchase DEIMIC ONE Box at a special price with additional benefits, including: regional sales system, advertising on DEIMIC’s official website, as well as a uniform pricing policy!

2. Regional DEIMIC distributor

This form of product distribution is open to to all retailers, wholesalers, industry companies, and installers, who will receive the status of a “Regional Distributor". This also involves installation and set-up. Product prices are of the second lowest (the lowest applying to authorised distributors only).

This form of cooperation only requires a stock of 2 pcs of DEIMIC ONE Box (Master and Expander). For retail chains, stock requirements are determined individually. For electrical wholesalers, a stock of one package of DEIMIC system components (motion sensors and additional sensors) and 3 pcs of DEIMIC ONE (Master and Expander modules) is required.

Regional Distributors are authorised to sell DEIMIC products at a suggested retail price, with virtually no restrictions. They may grant individual discounts (in keeping with DEIMIC’s pricing policy*) and participate in promotional campaigns just like authorised distributors.

A full list of regional distributors is available on the DEIMIC website in addition to being communicated directly to the interested customers, and included in advertisements, user guidelines and informational materials provided by DEIMIC. Moreover, contact information of wholesalers, retail shops and companies with the status of "Regional Distributors" are given to electricians and installers located in the area.

3. DEIMIC product salespersons

This form of product distribution only requires the company to register on DEIMIC’s website. After verification, the company receives the "DEIMIC product reseller" status and thus acquires the rights to purchase DEIMIC products for reselling purposes with specific sales discounts.

This form of sale and distribution does not require any stock. Orders are processed in accordance with the country’s delivery terms (from Poland or the UK) and are delivered via courier and freight forwarding companies. Depending on the size of the order, the delivery period varies from 7 to 28 days from the order date.

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