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What is a smart home?
It is simply a space equipped with a system capable of managing and controlling all of its elements and installations. It gives its users the ability to freely adjust any settings according to their individual preferences.

Explore the possibilities and find out how the DEIMIC smart home system operates.
DEIMIC ONE system presentation
Extensive use of intelligent home
automation system, DEIMIC ONE
DEIMIC ONE is a smart building automation and management system suited to private clients with houses, villas, flats or penthouses, as well as for developers and all sorts of businesses. Using innovative technology and system capabilities provided by DEIMIC ONE, we can program multiple functions, control various elements of equipment, automate and manage all installations in practically any space or building!

The system can be installed in two versions (Basic, Premium) and use additional components and extensions. The video presents the capabilities and functionalities of smart home system DEIMIC ONE installed in a flat (in the Premium version).
4 times smaller, 4 times more cost-effective, 4 times better!
The smart home automation system DEIMIC ONE, designed by Deimic, is currently the most innovative system for automated building management and control on a global scale. Its unique technology compressed into one highly configurable module is equivalent to large complex systems consisting of dozens of elements and components. This makes DEIMIC a more cost-effective and technologically advanced solution than other intelligent home management systems on the market!

This small device represents the cutting edge of ambient intelligence. The DEIMIC ONE module is compatible with all standard switchboards. It has 3 types of security modes and 2 emergency modes, which guarantees that the system operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year...

The most intuitive smart home management application in the world.

The whole system is controlled by standard plugs and switches and an application that can be installed on any smartphone or tablet, regardless the platform. The application itself is user-friendly, very intuitive and well adapted for use by older people and children.
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A unique system and easy set-up.
The system is designed so that everyone,
without exception, could run it easily.
For example, it allows for all set functions assigned to standard switches to be configured without the use of a control panel. As e result, all changes can be made immediately without having to plug any cables to the main switchboard.
Functions overview
DEIMIC is a tested wired solution.
It is 100% resistant to any interference produced by mobile phones, Wi-Fi and other electronic devices. DEIMIC does not generate electromagnetic waves and, above all, is safe and reliable. It fits all switchboards and standard plugs and switches, including pulse switches, so you do not need to give up trendy solutions or designer brands.

Universal solutions

Each DEIMIC user has unlimited access to system tutorials and user manuals in forms of self-learn kits and video guides. All any DEIMIC user needs to do is to familiarize him/herself with the materials available and their set to make any changes and configure the system however they like. Professional system set up will not be necessary, which saves time, money and, in addition, each user can make sure the system is set up according to individual preferences.

Adjust settings yourself

Every user of a smart home DEIMIC system has access to support materials presented on our website in the form of as videos and tutorials. These are all you need to make any changes and configure the system according to your own needs. There is no need for additional, costly installer appointments; you can save time andmoney, and be certain that everything works exactly the way you want.

You control the settings

You decide what DEIMIC controls. DEIMIC ONE has a number of digital inputs and outputs that connect to the system elements you care most about. You can choose the elements of your home that are to be automatically managed, and simply configure them by placing the selected elements (blinds, lights, sockets, motion sensors, etc.) in available slots in the module. This way you can use 100% of DEIMIC's potential in exactly the way you like.

DEIMIC ONE system presentation

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