Benefits and savings

Learn how DEIMIC ONE can help you save a lot on energy costs.

Let’s see how this is possible:

The DEIMIC ONE smart home automation and management system features saving modes and functions to be used with any home device or installation. This generate significant savings on energy consumption, including power and heat (gas, electricity, water).

The “OFF”, “ECO” and “COMFORT” functions are programmed by default to generate maximum savings on power consumption.

The “OFF” function temporarily turns off heating until the temperature reaches the minimum value set for each room, e.g. 17°C in the living room, 15°C in the bedroom, 14°C in the bathroom, etc. If the temperature drop below that level, DEIMIC ONE automatically turns on heating in the given area, but only enough to maintain the desired temperature.

The “ECO” function uses the most economical temperature settings in selected zone, and guarantees the highest levels of savings on heating. The system open and closes the shutters depending on the weather. In the summer, this protects the house from excessive heat generated by sunlight. During the winter, the system lets as much light into the house as possible to raise the temperature.

The “COMFORT” function maintains optimal temperature in selected zones, and uses automatically set scenes and blind/shutter control. In addition, the system manages the heat exchanger’s operation (depending on whether anyone’s in the house) to maintain the right temperature and save energy.
By creating individual scenes and programs, you can generate savings with the following system settings and modes:

- light intensity set according to time of day or night
- special night lighting (UV light and glow instead of day lamps and LEDs)
- motion sensors and functions regulating lighting in bathrooms, dressing rooms, utility rooms, etc.
- heating dependent on blinds and shutters settings and ventilation
- special heating control for empty rooms

Saving modes can be freely combined in scenes for increased benefits.

A popular example is an ”exit scene”:

- all lights turn off (with user-defined exceptions)
- power is cut off from selected sockets (usually dedicated to chargers and small appliances)
- temperature is lowered throughout the house and heating zones are maintained as per chosen settings
- blinds/shutters are controlled as per settings
heat exchanger is running at levels typical for an empty house

By automating the control of heating, lighting and electrical appliances and installations, DEIMIC reduces waste and generates significant savings. The system is directly connected with motion and temperature sensors, heating, shutters and blinds, and uses scenes and programs.

Optimal settings can generate the following levels of savings:

- approx. 30% in electricity (lighting, appliances, electronics and other installations)
- approx. 25% in heating
- approx. 20% in water (garden sprinklers and irrigation)

A detailed outline of all DEIMIC ONE savings is as follows:


15% - lighting control and management
including lighting activated by motion sensors, equipment control

10% - scenes and programs
including changes in lighting volume and intensity, lighting control depending on time of day or night

5% - remote control sockets management
including alternative UV and glow lighting, and chargers

Heat Energy

20% - heat control and management
heating adjustment through the ”ECO” and „Comfort” functions, temporary heating reduction, night and day modes, ventilation, temperature adjustment in zones (different for empty rooms) and heat recovery control

5% - advanced blinds and shutters management
including automatic implementation of cost-effective modes and scenes, to control the temperature with sunlight


20% - control and management of garden installations
including irrigation adjustment to weather conditions, automatic sprinkler, pump and garden installations control

DEIMIC guarantees significant, measurable savings. The system is designed to eliminate any unnecessary spendings (e.g. lights on in an empty home) in order to maintain maximum efficiency and functionality at minimum costs in any space.

DEIMIC ONE system presentation

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