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Is it possible to live in a smart home at no additional costs but with all of its benefits?

Let’s see if that’s possible.

The whole idea behind the first home automation control and management systems was to eliminate heat and electricity waste and the so-called human factor. Unfortunately, the most common cause of such waste (resulting from poor management of house appliances and installations) is in fact caused by people.

To best illustrate the effects of the human factor, below is a list of typical habits that most of us have that negatively impact the cost-effectiveness of our everyday lives:

- leaving lights on in the dressing room, bathroom, kitchen or living room
- in multistoried houses, leaving lights on in the hallways and on the upper floors
- the most common question women ask themselves when leaving the house is: did I turn off the iron and the curling iron?
- no full management of the lighting outside, at the entrances and in the garage
- leaving electronic devices like phone chargers plugged into the power socket
- not turning down the temperature when leaving to avoid heating an empty home
- not turning off the heating when opening a window, in effect heating and cooling the room at the same time
- using lights at their maximum brightness levels, regardless of time of day or night
- not using the “time off” function in electric cookers, stoves and heaters
- not putting much thought into using the blinds, which affects room temperature
All of the above cause significant expenses that unnecessarily burden our home budget. It’s nearly impossible to change all of these habits. Fortunately, DEIMIC can do the work for you and reduce unnecessary waste of energy.
Fortunately, we have a solution ready!
It’s enough for you to make a conscious decision and….

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