Mobile application
Connection to the Deimic One system

Connecting to the Deimic One System via the mobile application is so simple that you do not need the installer's help.

In the video you will find detailed instructions on how to connect the application with the Deimic One system.

Mobile application
Button configuration

With the Deimic One System, you are able to adjust the house to your needs. Thanks to Deimic APP, configuration of buttons is simple and you can do it without the help of an installer.

You just need to watch this short instruction.

Mobile application
Configuration of motion sensors

Motion sensors, which are often used in wardrobes or pantries, do not need to work all the time. If you want to set the hours of their operation, just a few clicks in a dedicated application. No installer help is needed with Deimic APP.

Each user of the Deimic One system is able to make such changes independently. See the video for detailed instructions on how to do this.

You can find more videos on our YouTube channel at the Deimic Academy.

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