Scene setting

A scene is a function that allows one gesture or icon in the application to run several functions at the same time.

An example of such a scene is the exit scene, which can be assigned to a button at the front door. We can then close the roller shutters with one press, activate the alarm and open and close the exit gate after a specified time. Thanks to this, instead of several minutes, we just need one click to leave the house efficiently.

Ustawienia sceny w Inteligentnym domu DEIMIC
  • To create a scene, start the Deimic application. The next step is to go to the menu section. You can open it by clicking the gear located in the upper left corner of the application. Then go to the "Configuration" section. At this point, we can either proceed to create new scenes or restore the previous configuration versions.
  • We choose the first point
     "System Configuration"
  • The next step is to make
    a choice on how we're going to run our scene.
  • By touching the "Buttons" button, activation of the motion sensor
    "Motion sensors", at a specific time "Clocks" or cyclically "Timers"
  • When selecting the "Buttons" section, it will be necessary to touch the field on the button you want to configure. The energized button will appear in the application. Select it and then assign it a "New Action".
  • Assigning a new action requires specifying the conditions for its launch (we can run various actions by selecting a short or long press). We can also make the button perform various actions at different times of the day or at certain times.
  • Once we have defined the conditions under which the given action should be run, we should define what exactly is to happen. For this purpose, in the "Actions" section, select "Add new device". After selecting it, we should see a list of devices available in our system.
  • After selecting the device, we can set the "Action type"
     selections can be made from "Toggle", "Enable", "Disable" and "Enable on time".
  • If at this point we abandon further configuration, the button selected by us will handle only one selected action. If we want to build a scene, after adding the first action, select "add new device" again. In this way, we can assign several actions to one button, i.e. build a scene.

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