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What is an intelligent home?

It is simply a facility equipped with a system for managing and controlling all its elements and installations. It gives users the ability to freely adjust any settings and building functionalities according to their individual needs and preferences.


DEIMIC ONE – is what the company DEIMIC called its first innovative building automation and management system. Created based on pioneering, innovative technology, DEIMIC ONE was named so because of its main attributes:

- the entire system encompassed in a single device
- all functions available in a single module
- the first intelligent home automation and management system available in a box version!

One system, single module, first on the market-  All in ONE !


What is DEIMIC ONE Box?

DEIMIC ONE Box is the only product of its kind in Europe, and a unique innovation on a global scale. The entire system is compressed to a single central module - DEIMIC ONE MASTER which is compatible with various extensions- DEIMIC ONE EXPANDER. This allows for the core system to be configured in any way you like.

DEIMIC ONE Box - it is a complete smart home automation system sold in a box! It consists of DEIMIC ONE Master, the central operating module, also referred to as the “brain” of the system, DEIMIC ONE Expander - which is an extension to the standard Master module, as well as all the necessary installation and configuration manuals, documentation and software programs. The DEIMIC ONE kit also includes a DVD Installation Guide  with complete assembly instructions, self-help videos, self- help installation guides, connecting bridges, power supplies, and optional additional cables to integrate with the alarm system and the internet.

Is an intelligent home automation system safe for its users?

The modular system, DEIMIC ONE,  is exemplarily protected in every respect. It has a temperature-resistant, non-flammable casing, it’s secured against electrical surges and electrocution. It has 3 types of security modes and 2 emergency modes, guaranteeing secure and reliable operation at all times.

Any data transmissions between the system and it’s steering application is also precisely secured. All data transmissions are protected with a binary key, and the application itself, can only be accessed if the system recognizes the mobile device’s IMEI number (configuration of mobile device and DEIMIC ONE required).

What happens with DEIMIC ONE during power outage?

DEIMIC ONE Intelligent home automation system – is based on a central DEIMIC ONE Master module, and in case of a larger operating area (depending on the size of the building), it can also be expanded with DEIMIC ONE Expander module. Both modules, are of course, electronic devices which need current to operate.

Like other electronic devices, e.g. Television sets, refrigerators, washing machines etc., DEIMIC ONE modules cannot operate without electrical power. In a situation when the system is turned off, the system modules will go automatically into sleep mode and will be activated when power is restored. Fortunately system re-boot will only last a matter of seconds (45-60s), even after prolonged periods of power outage, and is fully automatic. This means that the system will return to its normal functioning completely independently, it will automatically restore all settings and operational parameters from before shut down, so that you won’t need to configure everything once again.

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) are very popular power supplies when it comes to intelligent home automation systems as well as standard electrical installations. UPS are high-performance emergency power chargers, that can operate without electricity for a set amount of time (usually from 10 to 30 min.) and can sustain power of certain devices and installations.  However, the use of such advanced chargers by commercial customers is rather redundant and unnecessary, as sporadic power outages are relatively cumbersome, and not in any way threatening to the proper operating of DEIMIC ONE

Why is DEIMIC ONE better than its competition? What’s it’s competitive advantage?

DEIMIC ONE Box is the only product of its kind in Europe, and a unique innovation on a global scale. The entire system is compressed to a single central module- DEIMIC ONE MASTER which is compatible with various extensions- DEIMIC ONE EXPANDER. This allows for the core system to be configured in any way you like. DEIMIC ONE’s unique technology outranks competing products of this kind, and very attractive price allows for effective competition, even with powerful multinational corporations.

The smart home automation system, DEIMIC ONE, is a universal product that can offer innovative, functional solutions for both individual and specific spheres of businesses.

Why is a cable based system better than a wire-less one? 

First and foremost because it always works!

DEIMIC ONE system is a proven cable solution that works to your advantage. It’s a 100% resistant to interference produced by cell phones, Wi - Fi, and other electronic interferences. The system does not generate electromagnetic waves and is highly reliable in operation.

Detailed comparative analysis of both, cable vs. wireless system solutions is available in the: Cable vs. Wireless system section

Does DEIMIC ONE have to be installed during construction of the building or can it be added later on?

The DEIMIC ONE operates on the basis of cable solution, guaranteeing its reliable functioning. In order to avoid any system failures proper cabling plans are required, therefore it’s better to install the system during construction of the building, this way there is more planning time available and more options to choose from.

However, installation of DEIMIC ONE post construction of the building is not impossible. Many clients decide on exchanging their wireless home automation system for a cable solution, due to its superior operating capabilities, efficiency and guarantee of value.

Detailed comparative analysis of both, cable vs. wireless system solutions is available in the: Cable vs. Wireless system section

At what stage of the construction of the building should one think about installing DEIMIC ONE ?

Its best to start thinking about installing DEIMIC ONE is during the process of laying out electrical cabling. This way it will be much easier to decide what functionalities you want the system to perform and where they can be optimally set up.

The cabling of the system can be set up just the way you like, e.g.:

- with full range of functionalities and control over all installations from the system level (the most popular solution)
- with some functionalities, where the system will control only the chosen installations and devices (standard cabling set up/ hybrid solution)

Considering customer reviews on the aforementioned options, the first solution seems to be much more popular than the second.
Customers who have tried to combine the hybrid system- standard cabling system and the intelligent system solution, have eventually reached the conclusion that this solution is not fully sufficient for their needs and expectations. Resultantly, those customers often made the decision and reinstall the wiring to get the full functionality of DEIMIC ONE.

The optimal solution is to plan the chosen kind of system cabling at a very early stage of construction of the building- this way installation design becomes much easier, and you are more able to  prepare several alternative solutions to ultimately select the best type of wiring.

This is why we cooperate with developers and interior design offices in order to develop the most functional and cost-effective solutions, using maximum system potential early on in the construction process of the building to match DEIMIC ONE user , and home owner needs and preferences.

Is any electrician able to set-up the cabling/ wiring of the DEIMIC ONE system?

Wiring of intelligent building automation system, DEIMIC ONE  is one of the simplest on the market and can be done by virtually every electrician. The cabling used for the system is structured in accordance with a star-shaped topology (more details in the network configuration section) in both, logical (information flow) and physical (configuration of  cable connections) aspects of the system. This arrangement makes possible for each installation controlled by DEIMIC to be independently connected to the main system switchboard, thus enabling direct/better connection to the central DEIMIC ONE MASTER module.

The installation itself requires no complicated wiring and can be performed even by less experienced electricians.
Details on cabling and system installation can be found in the: wiring and Cable vs. Wireless system section

Will any set-up crew member or electrician independently install the DEIMIC ONE in the main electronic switchboard?

The installation of DEIMIC ONE MASTER module or its modular extension DEIMIC ONE Expander does not require advanced knowledge of electro installation. Only basic knowledge on wiring and installation of pieces of equipment to the standard switchgear.

Detailed instructions, self-help guides, and system manuals with filmed instructions are available online in the system database, and are available to download (free of charge) for all DEIMIC ONE customers.

Will any set-up crew member or electrician easily and independently configure and install DEIMIC ONE?

DEIMIC made sure that every installer, electrician, and even amateurs and technological enthusiasts with no professional experience will have no problem with DEIMIC ONE system installation and configuration, of both, the standard and the advanced versions of the system. Each DEIMIC ONE box set contains instruction manuals,  DVD user guidelines,  tutorials, and printed materials which are there to aid customers with independent system installation by providing them with specific information about system set up and configuration as well as the basic Know-How.

Thanks to these materials system setup becomes much less complicated and anyone can assemble even the most advanced system modules controlling the automation and intelligent management of any are of the building.

Of course, in addition to the aforementioned instruction manuals,  DVD user guidelines,  tutorials, and printed materials which are there to aid customers with independent system installation a technical department DEIMIC help desk is available for DEIMIC system users at all time. The IT Department can help DEIMIC users acquire all necessary information about the system, its set up and features, as well as answer all questions that one might have about the system, which are not mentioned in the FAQ (Frequently asked questions) section of the website.

Contact to the technical department help desk:
DEIMIC Technical Department
tel. (+48) 530 999 530 or e-mail:


Can an amateur or a technological enthusiast (but not a professional) manage to independently install DEIMIC ONE?

One does not need a professional electrical or anyone with advanced technological know-how in order to assemble, set up and configure the DEIMIC ONE home automation and management system.  All that is needed is the desire to want to install the system independently for yourself, or your loved ones, as a wonderful and unique gift, especially for technological enthusiasts.

The DEIMIC company prepared a complete set of helpful documentation, user tutorials, videos and system guides, and user manuals to prepare anyone interested for the  necessary system wiring, installation and configuration. All of the above have been thoroughly described in the provided materials which have been prepared in a way that even someone with no technical knowledge whatsoever will have little trouble with system installation and configuration.

All system guidelines and tutorials are available on the DVD installation guide and printed materials enclosed in the DEIMIC ONE Box kit.

How long does it take to fully learn to operate the DEIMIC ONE system?

 DEIMIC ONE system can be managed via standard switches (switches mounted on the walls, like light switches) or with use of the system application- DEIMIC ONE APP, which can be installed on any smartphone or tablet with no extra charge. The amount of controlled installations and household devices is unlimited and depends entirely on the customer preferences. With some extra investment in the system (on customer request) additional touch panels can be installed which provide extra access to the DEIMIC ONE APP and selected system functionalities.

Given the simplicity of the application interface, DEIMIC APP, and other intuitive solutions and functionalities of the system, the time it takes to fully understand how the system works and to learn to use it lasts from a matter of minutes to maximum a couple of hours.

In addition DEIMIC ONE Box contains a user manual guide in the form of  a DVD video full of tutorials which help to familiarize customers with the system and teach them how the system works and how to install it in a short amount of time.

Is the system user friendly for children and the elderly? Will they be able to easily learn to use DEIMIC ONE and the DEIMIC APP?

The DEIMIC ONE system and its application, the DEIMIC APP are equipped with children and elderly friendly features. Given, that most of the system features can be controlled via regular wall switches, the only other difficulty that children and the elderly might have with working the system is the use of the DEIMIC APP.

The active options control of the system functionalities has been designed in an easy to understand, intuitive way in order to make it easier for customers to learn to control and understand the system. For example, the DEIMIC APP is adapted for use by children by providing specially designed graphics with animal motifs and characters from fairy tales. The application also allows us to build a customized, simplified menu, which grants or blocks access to certain areas of the house, or allows for control of only one room. This way children and the elderly will have limited access to most of the system functionalities, resultantly DEIMIC ONE will automatically become simpler for them to use and control, and at the same time they will have disabled access to affect overall system functions in the rest of the building (this is to prevent any errors they may make while using the app thus causing potential system dysfunctions).

What do you need to install the DEIMIC APP?

 All you need to install the DEIMIC APP is any Smartphone or tablet device. The free application can be downloaded to the device of your choice  from the APP STORE or Android Market. The last thing that needs be done is to configure the device with DEIMIC ONE (for security purposes), and it’s all ready to use!

Is the DEIMIC APP free of charge?

DEIMIC APP as well as the rest of the software available in the DEIMIC kit is free of charge.  Most of the system elements e.g. - software ( tutorials, software configuration programs and applications) offered by DEIMIC are  made available to the customers without any extra costs or fees.


 Can DEIMIC ONE be controlled without the use of the DEIMIC APP?

 All DEIMIC ONE system functionalities can be managed via standard switches (switches mounted on the walls, like light switches) as well as the application DEIMIC APP, which can be installed on any smartphone or tablet . Most system functions are used (out of habit) or configures (at the integration and configuration stage of the system) to standard switches, for everyday use. Similarly , when using the advanced system features, one may also choose to assign DEIMIC ONE functionalities to wall switches and control the system without using the DEIMIC APP at all.

If this is the way you choose to control and configure DEIMIC, the use of the DEIMIC APP is only required for configuration and any changes of system setting. However, in case of relying on system control via wall switched only, functions like temperature sensors and control over thermal zones will need additional equipment. In such case DEIMIC suggests installing small touch panels (measuring 2.8 inches), so that you can easily control and manage not only heating, but other advanced functions of the system without the use of the DEIMIC APP.

Is the DEIMIC ONE intelligent home automation system cost effective?

DEIMIC ONE intelligent home automation system can be very cost effective due to its ability to automate numerous home appliances, installations and devices, and thus its ability to monitor and manage energy use of such by adapting its control functions accordingly. For example, the system which controls lighting, heating, lighting and other media can ensure that none of the above are on when they shouldn’t (like TV or lights) or another example can be adapting the home temperature to outside conditions by letting in more/less sunlight when necessary to heat or cool down the house.

Like mentioned above, DEIMIC ONE generates significant savings on the basis of sound management and the optimal use of all energy by automating a number of control functions heating, lighting and other media. After 2 years of tests of a balanced use of the system components, the company has obtained real life results determining estimations of savings that the system is able to generate.

Elimination of the most common utility errors, together with optimal system configuration, and DEIMIC ONE’s advanced levels of technological automation capabilities, the system can generate significant savings as follows:

- Up to 30 % on the consumption of electricity (lighting, electronic household appliances among other)
- Up to 25 % in the consumption of thermal energy (heat)
- Up to 20 % in the consumption of water (garden sprinklers, irrigation)

Detailed descriptions of all cost saving generation, cost effectiveness analysis and calculation are available in the Benefits and Savings section.


Where can one purchase the DEIMIC ONE intelligent home automation and management system?

The DEIMIC ONE Box Kit can be purchased online in the  DEIMIC online store and ordered together with the installation service in the "Express Installation System" section, it’s also available to buy through DEIMIC distribution channels or retail sales networks.

Another, even more convenient way is to purchase DEIMIC from an authorized installer (all contact information and recommendations for authorized DEIMIC installers can be found on the DEIMIC website), who is available in your area, and can install the system for you at hand at a time that’s convenient for you. To find authorized installers in your area go to the Find an authorized DEIMIC installer section on the DEIMIC website.

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