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A technological revolution is near.

Introducing a new customer target to the industry.

There is a new target group of customers in the building automation industry - young technology enthusiasts who were raised with a mobile phone at hand and a laptop or a tablet within their reach, who want to treat themselves to innovative home solutions that can be controlled with any configurable mobile device. They are precisely the reason for the creation of the DEIMIC ONE Box kit! It is with this new target group that we would like to share our experience and technological innovations, and to whom we wish to provide services related to the installation of the automated building management system DEIMIC ONE.
DEIMIC ONE is the only smart home automation designed to be installed by the customer, without the help of professional installers or electricians. Most users interested in this type of solution pay particular attention to the tangible benefits of its purchase. First of all, DEIMIC ONE is very universal in its application. It is suitable for private houses, flats, public and commercial buildings, among others. The continuously growing interest in the product is also the result of the system’s ease of configuration and installation, all at a very attractive price!

Customers who purchase the boxed version of the system, or DEIMIC ONE Box, usually hire professional electricians. The very idea behind creating an automated smart home system that is easy to install (similarly to a standard alarm) opens opportunities for electricians and installers to recommend DEIMIC ONE over other, more difficult to install smart home systems.

Key information related to DEIMIC ONE installation:

- The wiring style of the DEIMIC ONE system is almost identical to that of an alarm system, so it should not be anything unfamiliar.
- The installation is exactly the same as that of an alarm system - simple, and everything you need is in one place.
- To complete the system configuration, all you need is a regular laptop or a desktop computer with an operative software system, such as Windows
- All configuration software is free as part of the DEIMIC Sales partnership program
- Configuration and set-up for a 200m2 home takes about as much time as configuration and set-up of a standard alarm system (no more than 2 days)
Even for installers unfamiliar with this type of system installation, 2-3 days will be enough time to wire up and configure DEIMIC’s intelligent home automation and management system for a 200m2 house.

The company has developed the DEIMIC Sales Program for installers, electricians, and system integrators. The program is designed to set the ground for a permanent and fruitful cooperation in DEIMIC ONE installation.

As part of the partnership program, we have prepared two forms of cooperation to choose from:

Option 1
- through obtaining an authorized DEIMIC ONE Installer license

Option 2 - through the purchase of a ”DEIMIC ONE starter kit with an installation license

Each installer can determine which option suits them more and is likely to generate larger profits.

Choosing the most optimal variant of cooperation with DEIMIC.

Details of the two options are as follows:

Option 1
- We offer the possibility of obtaining an authorized installer license, which allows installers to perform professional DEIMIC ONE system installations. It is very important that the majority of customers buying the DEIMIC ONE Box system use the services of installers recommended by Deimic, with a valid DEIMIC license.

In the Buy DEIMIC / Find an authorized system installer near you section of the website, customers will be provided with a map of all authorized DEIMIC installers in the country together with their contact information.

An added bonus for authorized DEIMIC installers (see option 2), is the privilege to buy products at a premium Installation price*. Authorized DEMIC system installers and distributors receive a very high discount on all DEIMIC products.

On the whole: cost of installation service + highest promotional discount (if the installer delivers the product to the customer), together with Deimic' recommendations guarantee substantial financial profits.
Option 2 - An installer can obtain an authorized installer license with a DEIMIC ONE system starter pack at a Special price*. Apart from simply installing the system, authorized DEIMIC ONE installers can also sell DEIMIC products to their customers, and offer them their installation and configuration services.

Authorized installers who chose the second of the two options will have their services recommended and advertised on the Deimic website in both, Buy DEIMIC / Find installer and Buy DEIMIC / Find a Reseller website sections.

An added bonus for authorized DEIMIC installers (see option 2) is the privilege to buy products at a Premium+ price*. An authorized DEMIC system installer and distributor receives the highest discount on all DEIMIC products.

On the whole: cost of installation service + highest promotional discount (Premium+ price*) together with Deimic's recommendations guarantee the highest financial profits.

An authorised DEIMIC ONE installer participating in the ”DEIMIC Sales Program” receives:

- 1-day training on system installation and configuration
- All instructional videos and installation manuals
- Installation and system assembly instructions, videos, manuals and user guides
- DEIMIC Configuration - the system configuration software
- Professional help available when installing DEIMIC ONE (paid service*)
- Remote assistance with system installation and configuration
- License to install all DEIMIC ONE products (free of charge as part of the partnership program)
- Inclusion in the list of authorised DEIMIC product installers
- Recommendations to clients (in a region defined by the installer)

In addition, all installation partners who chose the DEIMIC ONE starting package (option 2) receive:

- A day long sales training on how to present DEIMIC ONE and the benefits of its purchase
- Special price* for DEIMIC ONE Box starter pack
-Recommendations to clients (in a region defined by the installer) in printed materials, newspaper advertisements and online

”DEIMIC ONE” starter kit consists of:

- 3 pieces of DEIMIC ONE Box products in Special price*,
- Technical department's help with wiring,
- Help from the sales department in preparing an offer for customers,
- Remote assistance with system installation and configuration

In any version of the DEIMIC ONE Box you will find:

- DEIMIC ONE Master or DEIMIC ONE Expander module (depending on the customer's needs) - see specifications
- set-up guide (42 pages)
- DEIMIC ONE guidelines on DVD, helpful video clips, product catalogue, product data sheet and software
- a A3 printout with detailed map of all cable connections, inputs and outputs of DEIMIC ONE Master and Expander modules
- DEIMIC ONE technical data sheet
- alarm cable (optional - to order only)
- connecting bridges
- power supply
DEIMIC ONE Specification
Functional Wiring
System Installation
Installer Guide

Installation price*

- Exclusively for system installers registered in the "DEIMIC Sales Program" who make individual purchases without the need for a stock. This purchase price is fixed with a discount on all products and components offered by Deimic.

Special price*

- Only for companies and installers who purchase the DEIMIC ONE Box starter pack. This is the lowest possible purchase price for DEIMIC products (one-time offer only!).

Premium+ price*

- For companies and installers that are also regional DEIMIC product distributors. This is the largest discount available for any DEIMIC products, available for regional distributors only. This price offer requires the company to have a fixed stock, according to the guidelines for Regional DEIMIC product Distributors. More details are available in the For Distributors section.
All prices and discounts will become available after submitting your company's registration documents.


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