4x smaller, 4x cheaper, 4x better!

It’s amazing how such small device is able to achieve so much.

When creating DEIMIC ONE the dimensions of the device were key. Resultantly DEIMIC ONE is the most compact intelligent home automation and management system available on the market. This is definitively a significant technological leap compared to what the Smart IT system market currently offers.


Processor ARM® 454MHz
Memory 1024Mb  DDR2 RAM
Memory 4Gb NAND Flash SLC
Ethernet 100Mbit
USB 2.0
Interface RS485
Deimic Core
Deimic Cloud

ARM®Cortex®-M4 32-bit RISC 180 MHz
4096 kb of Flash memory
SPI Memory
Deimic Firmware

DEIMIC ONE is compatible with all electrical switchboards.

Over 150 appliances

at your service
Thanks to DEIMIC ONE you can control over 150 pieces of equipment in your home. It is a very impressive amount compared to what can be found in other systems of this type.

You choose decide what devices/ appliances DEIMIC ONE should control and which it should monitor and supervise. Every installation, each piece of equipment and every useful functionality will now be within your reach. The system can be operated using conventional switches with defined functionalities (all with the option to be customized) via a smartphone or tablet by the DEIMIC APP. Moreover, DEIMIC ONE works on all system platforms!
DEIMIC ONE is constructed in a way, that each appliance/apparatus in the house may become its own master module (DEIMIC ONE Master), or its extension (DEIMIC ONE Expander). In the production process, we define the scope of the specifics for a given device, and assign it functionalities. The possibility to alter any pre-set settings with the skills of the proverbial " chameleon, "is perfectly integrated with the advanced functions of the system. This is partly because DEIMIC ONE is so versatile that it enables construction of any kind of intelligent automation system (even the most sophisticated ones) for control and management of any utility or space area.

On top of that, DEIMIC ONE can be controlled via any mobile device that has an internet connection, that includes all smartphones, tablets, laptops, even (iOS) iWatches. DEIMIC ONE works on all system platforms: iOS, Android and LINUX.

DEIMIC ONE - an intelligent system like you’ve not seen before.

You decide on the number of modules you require.

DEIMIC ONE Installer Tutorial

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