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Functions and capabilities of DEIMIC touch switches

The more fields a switch has, the more system functions you can assign to it.

Remember, that the amount does not limit you, because the switch also supports scenes, which are a combination of several functions that interest you.

All you need to do is touch the selected field, and in a second you will turn off all the lights in the whole house or you will change the living room into a cinema room ready to show your favorite movie.

Tactile switches are different from their plastic counterparts "turn the light on and off". Ours offer you perfect touch sensitivity, night illumination to help you locate them in the dark and the ability to change your mind to what settings at any time. We want you to be able to change the functions of the switches easily and as often as your needs change.

The scene in a smart home

Scene is a function that allows one gesture to activate several functions at the same time. Touching the whole hand can turn on the scene of lowering the blinds, extinguishing the lights and turning off the devices at night, and touching the finger will activate the multimedia scene, i.e. turn on the TV and player, turn off the main light and lower the blinds.

Adjust the switch in such a way that it performs the activities that you most often perform in a given situation.

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