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An entire intelligent home automation and management system enclosed in a single box!
DEIMIC ONE Box is the only product of its kind in Europe and a unique innovation on a global scale. The entire system is compressed to a single central module called DEIMIC ONE Master, which is compatible with various extensions through DEIMIC ONE Expander. This allows for the core system to be configured in any way you like.

DEIMIC ONE Box is a complete smart home automation system sold in a box. The box contains the central operating module DEIMIC ONE Master (the “brain” of the system) or DEIMIC ONE Expander, which is an extension to the standard Master module. All necessary installation and configuration manuals, documentation and software are included. The DEIMIC ONE kit also contains a DVD Installation Guide with an introduction to the system, complete installation instructions and videos, as well as connecting bridges, power supplies and (as an option) additional cables for alarm system and Internet integration.

Combining innovative technology with advanced functionalities and capabilities of the system, DEIMIC ONE can control and manage everyday home appliances, installations, and building automation in virtually any space!

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