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Alarm control

Combining an alarm system with an intelligent installation is a great way to ensure the safety of your home and all its inhabitants.

The intelligent alarm system protects not only against burglary and theft, but also against fire, flooding and other consequences of failure of the installation.

Thanks to the management of an intelligent alarm system, you are protected against the effects of random events that are beyond your control and which are difficult to defend against. Our system will notify you each time the alarm is triggered, but also that you forgot to turn it on. Remote control of the alarm will allow you to quickly and safely make up for such a possible mistake.

Capabilities in a smart home:

  • Create an exit scene,
    which the activation simultaneously turns off the light, closes the blinds and activates the alarm
  • Turning on the light
    by means of motion detectors connected to the alarm
  • Fire or flood detection
    by alarm detectors and corresponding reaction, e.g. switching on all lights and raising the roller shutters when a fire is detected
  • Turning on a light in the garden
    when the alarm goes off
  • Sending notifications
    when the alarm goes off
  • Sending a notification
    about the absence of household members and an unarmed alarm, the detectors detect the lack of movement in the house
  • Sending notifications
    when the alarm is armed or disarmed

How to control the alarm:

  • DeimicApp mobile application
    allows you to arm and disarm the alarm locally or remotely, of which disarming requires the correct code
  • Mechanical buttons, touch panels
    e.g. at the exit door, this way you can only arm the alarm, it cannot be disarmed, disarming using the application

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