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Lighting control

Lighting control in a smart home is a range of possibilities that allow you to optimally manage lighting both in the building and in the garden. In addition to the classic on/off, you can also change the intensity and color of lighting, build a variety of lighting scenes and rely on automatic control.

Also, forget about limitation to classic switches. Intelligent control allows you to manage your light using multiple devices, such as motion sensors, clocks, an alarm system or sockets. This makes it easy for you to save your time and electricity, which is often wasted by forgetting to turn off the lights.

Capabilities in a smart home:

  • Building light scenes
    single use of the button lights up several light sources
  • Motion sensor
    it can only turn on the light after sunset
  • Lighting color change
    for RGB LED strips
  • Presence simulation
    may include lighting control functions
  • Turning on the light for a specific time 
    thanks to motion sensors or buttons, e.g. the light in the attic turns on for 60 minutes and then goes out by itself
  • Light intensity adjustment
    for LED strips and special dimmable 230V bulbs, for example in the hallway from sunset to 23:00, the light intensity is 100%, and from 23:00 to sunrise, e.g. 5%

How to control the lighting:

  • Mechanical buttons
  • Panele dotykowe Touch panels
  • DeimicApp mobile application
    full control over your home
  • Schedules
  • Sockets
    socket control allows you to switch lamps connected to sockets on and off
  • User scenes
    e.g. a single use of a button lights up several light sources of a given intensity
  • Astronomical clock
    switching on and off the lights at specific times, at sunrise or sunset, at dusk or at dawn
  • Alarm
    disarming the alarm after sunset can turn on the light in selected rooms
  • With Sonos and Yamaha Musiccast

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